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Token of Appreciation

Hard as we tried, no matter how careful the repetitive efforts in seeking out errors in`our publications are; some typographical, factual or calculation oversights still elude us. For that, we hope you could accept our sincere apologies here and would greatly appreciate it if you could point them out to us either through email []. In our continuous and relentless pursuit of excellence, we would like to extend a very small token of appreciation to you for these selfless feedbacks (per mistake reported and accepted).
  • Critical factual or calculation error found - £5.00 or HKD60.00 or MYR25.00 or SGD10.00 or equivalent
  • Normal factual or calculation error found - £2.50 or HKD30.00 or MYR12.50 or SGD5.00 or equivalent
  • Critical problem sum plus solution suggested / accepted - £5.00
  • Normal problem sum plus solution suggested / accepted - £2.50
  • Critical diagram error found - £5.00
  • Normal diagram error found - £2.50
  • Critical suggestion to improve / accepted - £5.00
  • Normal suggestion to improve / accepted - £2.50
  • General, simple, typographical or grammatical error found - £0.50 or HKD6.00 or MYR2.50 or SGD1.00 or equivalent
Please provide, together with your errata and/or suggestion(s), your local bank account number through email or private message, so that we can electronically transfer directly the small token into your bank account. (no cheques will be issued)

By this partnership of collective wisdom, we truly hope to provide accurate education to users of our excellent publications.

Our management hereby reserves the rights to the compensation aforthsaid to all original submissions. Due to the large number of repeated submissions, only the first successful original submission is notified and awarded.

We also would like to take this opportunity to thank the numerous well-wishing contributors and wish all of you many happy returns. Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to improve so quickly and accurately. Once again, a big thank you.

This token of appreciation is a gift, not an entitlement. The management reserves the right to withdraw the offer of token of appreciation as deemed fit and is not obliged to give reasons for the withdrawal.
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