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Each year, popular “past-years exam questions” books are usually printed without accompanying accurate solutions, mark schemes* and appropriate examiners’ requirements*; for this lack, please use our fully complete yearly solutions series [8] (there are no questions, only solutions). Due to popular demand, we have reinforced some of these commonly-asked-exam-question-types as challenging practice questions [4] and solutions [5]. Just before taking one’s actual exams, one can attempt our challenging examinations questions (intentionally without answer keys) [9] and solutions (with mark schemes & exam reports) [10].

* The exam reports and mark schemes are collated statistically from several suitable examination boards to arrive at the most appropriate awarding of credit and completeness of the script answers. These reports and mark schemes should not at any one time be construed as from a single sole source, of which the statistical sample would then be too small and non-representative.