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'Give a man a fish – and you feed him for a day; teach him to fish – and you feed him for a lifetime.'
— author unknown

Every one of the guide series is a fisherman book – i.e., they teach concepts. Each step in the concept is thoroughly explained and illustrated further by worked examples and problems.

The critical guide fundamental series [1] is best suited for beginners. Although these guides are complete on their own, we do encourage students who become more familiar with the subject matter, to progress to more extensive guides. It is not unusual for certain schools wanting to broaden their students’ minds to teach beyond the actual examination (exam) syllabus per se. For this, students are best advised to immediately use the complete guide extensive series [1].

For students with extreme intelligence, they will find the guides a little too cumbersome to refer. They should then use the fisherman fast-learner books, i.e., books that help prepare students taking the actual exams quickly. These books provide the critical study notes [2] to every single exam concepts. Knowing how to employ the fishing rod, line, sinker, hook and bait to fish is not enough; one still needs the encyclopedia of fish, i.e., the challenging learn-by-example (LBE) fundamental series [3]. Out there, there would be many kinds of fish; each requires slightly different method to catch - for example, capturing a shark definitely demands a different technique from that of catching a salmon. In the same way, one must get familiar with the various exam question-types so that one can confidently score. The challenging LBE series provides training up to ordinary exam-standard. Again, for students going beyond, the demanding LBE extensive series [3] is a must-have.

Lastly, one should not neglect fundamental work-out with our ever-popular challenging drill questions (with answer keys only) [4] and solutions [5]. Again for students with extreme intelligence, do complement learning with our oh-my-god (omg) drill questions (with solutions) [6], an all-embracing extensive work-out series (coming soon).

Each year, popular “past-years exam questions” books are usually printed without accompanying accurate solutions, mark schemes and appropriate examiners’ requirements; for this lack, please use our fully complete yearly solutions series [8] (there are no questions, only solutions). Due to popular demand, we have reinforced some of these commonly-asked-exam-question-types as challenging practice questions [4] and solutions [5]. Just before taking one’s actual exams, one can attempt our challenging examinations questions (intentionally without answer keys) [9] and solutions (with mark schemes & exam reports) [10].

For teachers, please use our trade book, the teacher’s reference [7]. This series provides the essential approaches and exam reports that make a difference in the grounding of student’s sense of reality to their exams.

Knowledge is power. Total knowledge is absolute power. But, there are many publications out there that provide false information and it may be difficult for students to separate accurate education from this false information. The trust in our extremely rigorous publishing control allows us to be confident in the reliable truth the student would receive.

Latest and continuous updates and errata are available at [].

All of the above books are created to fulfill the urgent need in mastering the subject matter most efficiently. It will undoubtedly provide a firm platform for the student to score extremely well in one’s exams. But knowledge at its highest form is not a science but an art; to do this, please use our journey books [0] (coming soon) - the ultimate mastery of the art form.

'Using the right tool at each appropriate stage of exams preparation saves time.
No point trying to pretend that a simple screwdriver would suffice at all situations.'

"If I have seen yonder, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." - Sir Isaac Newton

"The actual journey of inspiration only begins when one takes the first step towards learning humbly from the masters." - paraphrased by the authors

"The human form factor remains unchanged, so learn it, love it and master it and you lord over all things." - Chris Hughes

"Look at the examples around you, therefore, never chase after money. If truth be told, it is one’s passion that gets the ultimate prize. Derive first the pleasure of creating things that are untouchable by all principalities." - Thomas Bond

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